Whether you are living in or visiting Atlanta, Georgia, there’s something for everyone! There are lots of fun activities to participate in to get you and the whole family out and about. Here’s a list of a few of the top things to do.

Atlanta Beltline

As many people may or may not know, the Atlanta Beltline used to be made up of different railroads that converged in the city before the start of the Civil War. This was when it was known as “Terminus.” It is a 22-mile streetcar railway loop around the downtown area and is used as a multi-use, paved path, lined with various native plants and art installations. Crazy enough, however, the beltline trails aren’t even complete and aren’t projected to be completed until the year 2030. For now, the Eastside Trail is one of the only trails complete but the other trails and sections are “hike-able.” But when it becomes fully finished, it will reconnect 45 in-town neighborhoods, which includes 33 miles of multi-use trails (walking, biking, etc.) and 2,000 acres of parks, making it one of the largest, most wide-ranged urban redevelopment programs in the United States. This is all part of the project that was projected by a Georgia Tech graduate thesis to have it become one of Atlanta’s most-loved outdoor attractions. 

Atlanta Botanical Garden

If you’ve never visited Atlanta’s Botanical Garden’s, you need to! The Garden’s are filled with amazing plant sculptures that are unlike any others that stretch a total distance of 30 acres near Atlanta’s famous Piedmont Park. If you are wanting to plan a visit here, it is recommended that you visit in the springtime, as most all the plants in the Garden are in full bloom. There are lots of different fun activities to participate in as well including, weekly shows and classes such as Growing Edibles, Yoga in the Garden, and much much more. If you are a plant fanatic, visiting the Fuqua Orchid Center is also a must. There, you will be able to see a rare collection of high-elevation orchids never before grown in the Southeast. Some other activities include visiting the Children’s Garden, swimming in the Sunflower fountain, exploring the Venus flytraps in the Soggy Bog, learning about honeybees in the observation hive, walking through the treetops on the Kendeda canopy walk, learning about new plants in the Sheffield botanical Library, and discovering seasonal edibles in the Edible Garden. Whatever you end up doing, you will enjoy every minute of it.

Sweet Creek State Park

If you’re looking for some of the best hiking trails in Atlanta, Sweet Creek State Park is your go-to place! Here you will be able to visit any of the running and hiking trails, explore it’s rushing, whitewater-filled creeks and waterfalls, see it’s historic ruins dating back to the Civil War, along with the beautiful forest that lines it all. This park spans over 2,500 acres of creekside landscape. So if you’re looking for a great near-city destination for a family hike, some quiet time in nature or a pulse-raising trail run, with mile after mile of tumbling whitewater, then Sweet Creek State Park is for you!

Fox Theatre

If you are looking to watch one of the top-rated Broadway plays, Fox Theatre is the place to go. This theatre is home to many of the Broadway tour stops, top-billed bands and comedy headliners. The Fox Theatre is an Egyptian-style venue that houses the largest working Moller theatre organ in the world named, “Mighty Mo,” which was built in 1929. The Fox Theatre was actually ranked by the Billboard Magazine as “The #1 non-residency venue worldwide for the decade.” The Fox Theatre is actually pretty special to the citizens of Atlanta as it’s one of the most beloved landmarks in the city as it’s a real memory maker for everyone. They host maybe different events as well, from Sweet 16s to weddings and corporate events. The people of Fox Theatre hope that everyone has a “Fox Experience,” and create their own memories within the walls of the theatre.

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