Finding good quality tenants is a vital aspect of maintaining a successful rental business. Bad tenants can cost you a significant amount of money, whether it is in repair or eviction expenses. By effectively screening your tenants in order to find good ones, you can ensure that your business is as successful as possible while minimizing the risk of disruption to your business. Keeping your rental properties occupied with high-quality tenants will help protect you and your interests. 

The Importance of a Rental Application

A comprehensive rental application is important to ensure that you can weed out potentially problematic tenants in the early stages of the application process. An incomplete rental application is a red flag for potential tenants. Your rental application should ask for personal references, employment history, previous rental history, and more. Ensuring that you are clear about your requirements can further help to reduce the likelihood of an irresponsible tenant. It is also important to set standards and requirements in place for tenants to prevent accusations of discrimination.  


 It is important to hold in-person interviews during the screening process to effectively gauge the character of the person you’re interviewing. Watch for red flags, like insufficient income, sketchy or suspicious behavior, an unwillingness to offer information, and more. Ensure that you perform background checks, credit checks, and contact their references.

You may want to consider obtaining the services of a third-party service, such as Keyrenter, to undergo the tenant screening process. We use a comprehensive, 13-point system to obtain the highest possible quality of tenants. This can go a long way toward minimizing your stress and maximizing your profits. To learn more about the importance of finding high-quality tenants, as well as how to find these tenants, contact us at the Keyrenter in Atlanta today!