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Located in Fulton County, this city was given the name in the year 1847, after having two other names. This Georgia city has the monikers of “Hotlanta,” “The City In A Forest” due to a significant amount of trees, “The A” as well as the name, “Gate City.” Based on 2016 data, the median age of all people in the city was 33. For native-born citizens, the median age was 32.8. The racial demographics of this city is 54.0 percent Black/African American, 38.4 percent Caucasian/White, 0.2 percent Native American, 3.1 percent Asian, 2.2 percent from some other racial demographics, and 2 percent from two or more races. Moreover, Hispanic/Latino of any race made up 5.2 percent of this Georgian city’s population.

The median income per household for this Fulton County city was $47,171. Additionally, the median income per family was $45,171. Income, per capita for this Fulton County city was $35,453. The city also had about 22.6 percent of the population of this city living below the poverty line. A significant portion of this critical data regarding median incomes, poverty levels, racial demographics, and employment/business data is based on the 2010 and 2016 census data. Atlanta Property Manager This Southern city, which is located in Fulton County, Georgia, has a significant history as part of the American Civil War.

The town was settled under the name of Atlanta in 1847. As of 2010, the city is in the top ten most visited city in the United States. The city has over 35 million visitors, yearly. This big city is the home of civil right’s leader, Martin Luther King Jr., the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum, where she wrote the best-selling, “Gone with the Wind.” Coca-Cola’s headquarters, as well as The Home Depot’s global headquartered, are located in this large city. The housing industry has fluctuated over the years, but the market is hot in 2018, according to Zillow.com. The dialect of this city has a variance of Southern American English. This city also contains three major districts of high-rises in Peachtree. These are called Downtown, Midtown, and Buckhead. Surrounding these high-density districts are tree and leafy enveloped, low-density communities, which include single-family homes. The median home value for this city for August 2018 was $243,100. Home values have gone up almost 15 percent over the last year. The average dollar cost per square feet was $247. The median price of homes currently listed in this Georgia city is $335,000. The median price of houses that sold is $223,100. The median rent price is $1,800 in this city which is higher than the median of $1,500. Call us about a more detailed analysis of your property as part of the housing industry. Indeed, we can provide you with very detailed information so that you can make the most informed choices to have the best success at finding the right property or home.


The charming City of Brookhaven, Georgia lies immediately northeast of the major metropolitan center of Atlanta in far western DeKalb County. It sits very close to the Fulton County line. Originally a rural community with many seasonal vacation cottages, the area today boasts extensive residential developments and a rapidly growing population of well over 50,000 people. Both Interstate 285 and Interstate 85 serve this location, which lines both sides of the north-south Peachtree Road transportation corridor (also known as Georgia State Road 141). This community recently incorporated as a separate city. It encompasses an area of slightly more than 12 square miles.

Demographic information collected by the U.S. Census Bureau reveals residents maintain a mean age of 31 years. A significantly larger (over 20%) number of men than women live here full-time. The diverse population includes White, Latino, African-American, Native American, and Asian households. The community maintains a well-developed educational system; many public and private schools operate in this location. Both a state university and privately owned Oglethorpe University have constructed campuses in this North Atlanta suburb. This Southern city, which is located in Fulton County, Georgia, has a significant history as part of the American Civil War.

Residents enjoy outstanding access to a variety of superb shopping and fine dining venues. Some popular nearby attractions include Murphy Chandler Lake and Peachtree Country Club. People residing in this location also enjoy excellent proximity to a wide array of landmarks and public attractions in nearby Atlanta. These include the Woodruff Arts Center and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Obtain Knowledgeable Brookhaven Property Manager Services Skilled property management services frequently assist landlords in this community. The average per capita income has increased here during recent years, with median family income recently reaching a reported $71,743 annually. Nearby sources of employment include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Mercer University. Management, business, science, and the arts employ significant numbers of local residents. Many attractive houses, condos, townhouses, and apartment complexes exist within the recently incorporated city. Median property values here exceed the national average. The community also includes a disproportionately high number of renters. Residential property values have risen significantly over the past five years. In early December 2018, the real estate market in this community included some 236 houses offered for sale. The estimated median home value stood at $448,300, with an anticipated appreciation rate of 3.1%. Today, rental properties in this city command prices ranging from $850 per month to well over $2,500. The square footage, the location, the condition, and the style of the unit all impact the market rental price. In general, well-maintained standalone dwellings command higher rental prices than efficiency apartments. Would you appreciate receiving a comprehensive market analysis of your rental property in this community? Simply contact us to request this information. We’ll gladly prepare an individualized market analysis to assist you in evaluating the rental prospects of your property in this dynamic marketplace!


When it comes to mentioning some of the top cities in America of the 21st century, the state of Georgia hosts one of the best. The city of Atlanta epitomizes the term 21st century thanks to its advancements in business, technology and finance. Located in the Southeast region of the US, Atlanta has grown into a melting pot of diverse cultures. The city has numerous professional sporting organizations, has a ton of fortune 500 companies and has many high-end retailors. The Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University and an abundance HBCU colleges can be found here.

As of 2018, Atlanta has more than 500,000 inhabitants, but its metropolitan area is composed of nearly 6 million people. Outside of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia, this affluent city has one of the tallest skyscrapers in the nation. When it comes to the real estate market, Atlanta is booming with activity. Many of its residents are actual transplants. There are numerous styles of housing here, including Greek revival, traditional, bungalow, contemporary and log homes. Some of the most exceptional homes in Atlanta can be found in the city’s Buckhead community. This affluent community hosts multi-million dollar homes as well as standard homes. The median price of BH homes come in around $344,750. When it comes to listing prices per square-foot, the homes in this community are reported by Zillow.com at $191 per square-foot. Many of the houses here are considered to be large single-family homes.

Buckhead is a major center for commerce. This community is actually situated in Atlanta’s northernmost region, and it consists of huge hotels, high-rise office buildings and condominiums. Though its core center is located miles away from Atlanta’s downtown district, it still displays a rather brilliant skyline. Thanks to the city’s expansive geographical area, this part of town is also known as Uptown. The community’s western zip code of 30327 is the Southeast’s second-wealthiest zip code. For those who love to shop, BH has more than enough high-end boutiques, regional malls, designer shops and big-box retailors. Thanks to the overall growth in BH, many of its schools are 97 percent full, but there are a number of private schools that offer great education. North Buckhead is a bit more expensive as the median prices for homes are around $592,300. Home values here have gone up by 2.8 percent since 2017, and the value of North Buckhead’s homes are close to $542,000. This particular area’s geographical location consists of sprawling hills and forestry. In other words, it’s a bike lover’s dream thanks to its top-of-the-line biking trails.


Nestled in the heart of the Peach State, the city of Decatur is situated northeast of Atlanta the capital of Georgia. This city, established in 1823, and its approximately 20,000 residents offers a beautiful and diverse place to live. There is cultural diversity with Asian and Hispanic influences being represented. Over 49% of its population is college-educated, working primarily in the downtown commercial district.

Residents here have access to experienced property management professionals. These are individuals who specialize in the oversight and management of diverse properties. They represent their clients by ensuring and monitoring their real estate. It is possible to hire these companies to establish the rent of your property, as well as, developing contracts, marketing efforts, and handling maintenance issues.

Real Estate Facts Those looking for a great place to purchase property will consider Decatur a good investment. Zillow shows the median prices of homes currently are $549,950 and rentals are at $2,150 per month. This is one of the best places in the state for both selling and purchasing real estate. There are many new and existing subdivisions throughout the city and surrounding areas to choose from. City Attractions Historic records show that the first European settlers came to the city to live in the early 1820’s. The city offers many landmarks and attractions. Furnishings dated back to the Civil War are displayed in the Old Courthouse, which is also the DeKalb County History Center Museum. The Fernbank Science Center and the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum are two locations that bring tourists into this area. Popular Place to Live The World Population View states that the median household income in 2018 is $81,598. Homebuyers of different sorts can find properties that suit their needs. Along with being a terrific location for buying real estate, it is a great place to find rental properties. Families come here for work and school benefits. Reporting shows that Decatur High School is one of the top 20 high schools in Georgia. Employment Opportunities Statistics have shown that this group is considered some of the most highly educated within the metro area of the capital. This is partially due to the major institutions of higher learning that call this city home, Emory University being one of these. The university, Agnes Scott College, and DeKalb County are the three top employers in the city. It is possible to secure property management services from quality companies in this area. This is helpful for those relocating and not wanting to sell existing properties. These are also services that are useful to those wanting to rent in a new area. Finding what you want and getting assistance from individuals skilled in this type of management is important and beneficial.


Midtown Atlanta

The city of Atlanta has quickly become one of America’s most popular cities thanks to its exciting nightlife, its plethora of job opportunities, its professional sporting events, and its diverse inhabitants. Atlanta, Georgia, has nearly 500,000 residents, but its metropolitan area is ninth in the nation with more than 5.8 million residents. This affluent city is divided into neighborhoods, and these neighborhoods have their own personal style. Bankhead, Buckhead, College Park and Decatur are just a few of the cultural centers here, but Midtown is definitely one of the city’s most popular regions.

Midtown Atlanta is a high-dense commercial and residential neighborhood with more than 58,000 residents. Midtown’s home value is registered at $294,400. Thanks to all of the new construction and business opportunities in the area, this neighborhood’s home value has increased by 8.7 percent over the past year. Midtown Atlanta’s skyline is top-notch thanks to its copious amounts of high-rise office buildings, hotels and condominiums. It has the second-largest business district in greater Atlanta with 81,418 people. Homes in this particular area vary in size as well as vary in architecture. Midtown Atlanta has plenty of contemporary, bungalow, Greek revival and historic homes. The median price for homes in this affluent area is generally around $350,000 while the medium price for renting is just over $2,000.

When it comes to activities, Midtown has many options to choose from. Piedmont Park is definitely one of city’s main attractions. Piedmont Park is similar to New York’s Central Park in a sense because it’s surrounded by sleek high-rises that are made of metal and glass. This open green space has gardens, fountains, biking lanes and walking trails. Sporting events and festivals are hosted here throughout the year. Midtown consists of numerous cultural institutions such as the High Museum of Art, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the Fox Theatre. Of course, there are a number of high-quality lounges, bars and nightclubs that are littered throughout the area’s grid-like highways. Just about every type of fine dining and quick-serve restaurants can also be found here. Atlanta, Georgia, is definitely a fine city to raise a family. The city is ethically diverse, which mainly consists of White, Black and Hispanics. Statisticalatlas.com reports that the median income for Hispanics is nearly $96,600. Whites median income is generally around $86,000, and Blacks median income is around $53,300. All in all, Midtown Atlanta is a great place to work, and it’s surely a great place to reside.

Sandy Springs

Sandy Springs is located twenty minutes north of Atlanta in North Georgia. The amount of activities here is perfect for those both into history and the outdoors. There are many historical locations from Oglethorpe University Museum of Art, the Sope Creek Paper Mill Ruins, and the Anne Frank in the World exhibit. There are also several parks for those who love the outdoors and hiking. Georgia is notable for those seeking great hiking trails and forest exploration. If the nightlife scene is more your style, there is The Punchline Comedy Club, along with a few local bars such as: Three Sheets, the Ship & Anchor Pub, and Under the Cork Tree. All serve excellent food and drink. For those of you looking to do activities with the whole family there also happens to be a gymnasium, the Splash n’ play at Riverside Park, and the Best Friend Park; a forty-three-acre park that holds two swimming pools, tennis and basketball courts, and a walking trail.

Sandy Springs holds several annual events every year. These events include the Lantern Parade. This event takes place every spring in which the residents parade with colored lanterns that light up the night sky. The National Kids to Parks Day, an event that encourages locals to visit the park and partake in outdoor activities. These activities fall on the third Saturday in May. Another local annual event that falls sometime between Mid-April and Early May is Yom HaShoah also known as the Holocaust Remembrance Day.

For those looking for the perfect place to live and raise a family, look no further than Sandy Springs. There are seven public elementary schools, two public middle schools, and two public high schools. If you want your child to receive education from the private schools, there happens to be forty-one private schools located here as well. Your options for your children’s education is endless. Currently, the buyer’s market is cold, with the house median ranging around $479,600. That means Price-per-square foot is around $209. While this seems high the median is the perfect range for those looking to buy a home in this area. With great schools, activities, and the distance to Atlanta this is the perfect location to settle down. However, if you are not looking into currently buying a home and are looking for renting, the average price of houses for rent are around $2100. The market overview for is on the up rise for this area, this means that in a few years’ time the average house pricing will be over $500,000. This is a very pristine and proper location that is only going to grow and become more popular for both the locals and the tourists.

Virginia Highland

Virginia Highland, Georgia, is an affluent neighborhood in downtown Atlanta surrounding the intersection of Virginia Avenue and North Highland Avenue. Many of the older homes are craftsman bungalows built from 1910 to the 1930s. It also has a mixture of upscale bars, restaurants, and shops that attract customers from all over Atlanta.

The Virginia Highland neighborhood was a thriving area. Then it declined in the 1960s as the lure of the suburbs drew residents away from the neighborhood. A proposal to route I-485 through the area was fought by residents and kept the neighborhood from being lost forever. A resurgence began in the 1970s in the neighborhood, and people started buying and renovating houses. It has again become a nice place to live.

In 2016, the population was 13,390 living in 6,637 households. Among those living in the community, a high school degree or higher was earned by 97.7-percent of the population, and a Bachelor’s degree or higher was earned by 72.3-percent of the population. The median household income was $103,100 and the median per capita income was $68,382. In 2016, 53-percent of the population owned their homes with a median value of $572,170. The median rent and was $1,150 a month. As mentioned, there is a good selection of upscale restaurants, bars, and shops in the neighborhood as well as cinemas, clubs, and other arts and entertainment venues. There are also parks, trails, golf courses, and workout facilities. The Plaza Theater is the oldest continuously operating cinema in Atlanta. This art deco theater opened in 1939 and has remained independent throughout its history. It features cult classics, indie films, and midnight showings. The Atlanta Botanical Gardens offers 30 acres to explore. There are topiaries, the Chihuly fountain, the Fuqua Orchid Center, the Children’s Garden, the Venus flytraps in the Soggy Bog, and the Kendeda Canopy Walk among the treetops. Scheduled events include classes such as Growing Edibles and Yoga in the Garden. If you own rental property in this community, you could benefit from our comprehensive market analysis of your property.

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